Here is a brief 17 point check list of what you need to consider if you are importing or exporting goods: This is by no means comprehensive but purely to assist you with the basics:


1. Do you have an export/Import contract in place?
2. Have you obtained your Export/ Import Customs Code?
3. Have you determined whether the goods are controlled, regulated or prohibited in country of import?
4. Have you determined what tariff classification code would be used to determine your import duties payable?
5. What is the volumetric or net weight of the goods?
6.  Do you know whether the goods are subject to import duties and taxes or will it be duty free?
7. Have you compiled the Pro-forma Invoice and Packing List?
8. Have you negotiated the payment terms for the purchase of the goods?
9. What would be the Incoterms applicable?
10.  Are the goods marked and labelled as required?
11.  Have you arranged Marine Insurance?
12.  Have you obtained the import Permits?
13.  Have you obtained the Certificate of Origin of the product?
14. Confirm that the correct mode of transport, sea or air freight has been arranged?
15.  Where do I get the Fumigation certificate?
16.  Has the Pre-shipment inspection been done and certificates been issued?
17.  Who handles the customs clearing for import / Export on your behalf?