Our History

This is how we started

  • The Company and was originally established in 2005, under the name of Cromat Exports Consultants by it’s Founder Member, Thys Cronje.
  • Further opportunities crossing this Consultancy’s path with the requirements of our clients to also manage and coordinate their Imports, which was not part of their core business.
  • This resulted in registering the New Company, Cromat Shipping Consultants to combine the Imports and Exports, consolidating all services to be offered, related to Imports & Exports, to our clients.
  • As the need and requirements of exporters changed, where our client’s core business did not include being involved in the import and export processes, it was clear that a service to manage and coordinate the freighting process was in need.
  • This Consultancy saw this opportunity to offer their services on an outsourced basis with the experience of the founder member Thys Cronje.